Back To School Tips


Back To School Tips

Making the transition from summer to school can be challenging for those with autism and other developmental disabilities. These 7 back to school tips will help you and your child feel more prepared for the upcoming school year!

  1. Talk about it! Telling your child what to expect and reminding them that school is coming can ease their nerves and help them feel more prepared.
  2. Visit the classroom. Going to meet your child’s teacher and visiting the classroom prior to the first day can help make them feel more comfortable. Allow them to explore the area freely without other kids around.
  3. Get into a routine. Creating a morning routine and practicing in advance can help prepare your child for the transition. Not only is this great for their sleep schedule, but it also helps them understand that summer is coming to an end. Here are some great examples of daily schedules and routines.
  4. Make a list for the teacher. This can include any sensory issues, dietary restrictions, or preferred reinforcers. With this, your teacher will be prepared and you will feel at ease knowing they have the important information.
  5. Ensure a behavior plan is in place. Utilize the school’s psychologist and staff to create a plan for your child at school. This is an important step in ensuring your child is getting the support they need.
  6. Prepare for the bus stop. If your child will be riding the bus to school, set up a time for them to meet the driver and possibly find a bus buddy!
  7. Make a countdown! Using a countdown visual can remind your child when they will be going to school. You can write what grade they will be entering, their teacher’s name, and any other helpful information. Check out back to school countdown ideas here!

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