Employee Wellness Resources

We believe that good employees are happy employees. And happy employees practice good self-care. Thats why SOAR offers a comprehensive package of employee wellness resources.

We offer a discounted gym membership for SOAR employees to all Müv Fitness locations in Spokane. Reach out to Müv fitness and tell them you work at SOAR!

We want our employees feeling both physically and mentally healthy. So we’ve identified some outstanding local counselors:

  1. Melissa Douglas at Relational Health Northwest (private pay, but outstanding)
  2. New Perspectives Counseling (accepts SOARs insurance)
  3. Anchor Counseling (accepts SOARs insurance)
  4. Family Essentials Counseling (accepts SOARs insurance)

All SOAR employees are eligible for tuition discounts at Capella University. And its not just for classes in ABA, but any Capella courses.

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