National Endangered Species Day!

Endangered species day

Cultivating an appreciation for our world is a value that is learned and instilled over time. National Endangered Species Day is the perfect opportunity to open a conversation about how we can care for our planet, and lay the groundwork for a better future.

why make a change?

endangeredWe have to be motivated to make a change. If we educate ourselves, we naturally are more passionate about a topic. So let’s talk about endangered species. Would you believe me if I told you more than 20% of mammals are nearly extinct? Over 12% of bird species are under extreme threat and close to extinction. Currently we are in the midst of our 6th mass extinction! If these statistics don’t bother you, consider the fact that humans are responsible for 99% of endangered species. This is a massive undertaking for our future generations. Research indicates that animals are going extinct 1,000-10,000 times faster than the natural rate. Not only are animals in danger, but there are millions of plant species that are in danger as well! If we as humans are responsible, there has to be something we can do!

How do i make a change?

Start simple! There are things we can change in our every day lives that make a difference. For example, stop using herbicides and pesticides that kill native plants and insects. While these chemicals keep your yard looking nice, they are extremely harmful to plants and animals. These chemicals build up in the soil, taking a long time to degrade. To find pesticide alternatives visit this site. Using sustainable products and recycling is another easy way to help. For example, recycling your old phones. Many people are unaware that a mineral used in phones and other electronics, is mined in gorilla habitats. Educating ourselves on where our products come from and how they impact the environment can make all the difference. To keep yourself informed join the Endangered Species Coalition Activist Network. Here you can stay up to date on the latest developments and linked to how you can actively get involved and make a difference.

This is only the tip of the ice burg! Instilling an appreciation in our children, and passion for our Earth, is how we truly make a difference. The future really is in their hands.

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