Staying Active During A Pandemic


Staying active During a pandemic

I think we can all agree it has been a tough year. Amidst the pandemic, our routines have changed, we’ve had excess downtime, and our “normal” constantly shifts. It is a difficult time for parents, especially in regards to keeping our children active and healthy. Resources can seem limited when seeking out sports programs and extracurricular activities. Parents are left wondering, how can I keep my child involved during this difficult time? The following resources will help your child put down their tablet and stay active!

Local resources

Not to fear, there are resources available to keep your child active! A variety of programs are still operating and making themselves known to the neurodivergent community. One of my personal favorites is First Tee. First Tee is a golf program that runs through the Fall and is available for beginners with no experience and those with more experience that are looking for more of a challenge. First Tee pairs your child with a one-on-one coach and focuses on golf skills, and instills values such as integrity, respect, and perseverance. This program is a great way to keep your child involved while building on social skills and personal matters. Follow the link to register your child today!

Make a goal

Another option for keeping your child active during the cold winter months is Gonzaga University’s Exceptional Bulldog Hockey Team. Offered through the university and The ISAAC Foundation, the Exceptional Bulldog Hockey Team is available to those with DS, ASD, SPD, ADD, ADHD, and other diagnoses. Now, you may think I don’t have hockey gear, not to mention it can be a costly sport! Not to worry, The ISAAC Foundation provides equipment, so the only cost is for registration ($55). Every Sunday from 3:30-4:30, your child can expel that extra energy and learn something new with 15-20 hockey players, plus volunteer buddies to ensure your child has a fantastic time and stays safe. Find more information by following the link and get your child involved today!

Let’s dance!

Another resource offered locally is Maressa’s Spokane Dance School! They offer dance classes for both children and adults with special needs. Dance is a great way to get your child the exercise they need while also providing a social and expressive outlet. Small classes ensure that your child receives individualized attention and gets the most out of each lesson. Private lessons are also an option for those that work better one-on-one. Visit their website today and see if dance is the right fit for your child!

We know it can be challenging to keep your child active and inspired, but hopefully, these resources will help! 

Additional activities:

  • Bambino Buddy-Ball | | (509) 251-2588
  • Adaptive Skiing & Snowboarding | |
  • Spokane Powderhounds | (509) 999-8586 
  • Adaptive Skiing | (509)714-7654 
  • Blue Waxers | Cross Country Skiing | (509) 953-6062.
  • iCan Shine Bike Camp | | Contact Casey Traver: (509) 999-9603 or
  • Lilac City Warriors | Lilac City Warriors’ Facebook Page
  • PASS (Player Adaptive Soccer Skills) Soccer | | (509) 862-8065 
  • Gonzaga Exceptional Bulldogs Hockey Team | | Coach Mark Derby: (509) 590-9926

Want more ideas? Listen to Episode #63 of ISAAC’s Into the Wild podcast, Extra-Curricular Activities.

If your child needs ABA services, please visit our website to find further information. We have recently opened our North Spokane location and are reaching as many children as possible in the greater Spokane area and northern Idaho.

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