Community Resources: Top Service Providers


Community Resources: Top Service Providers

Top disability service providers and community organizations in Spokane, WA. Lists are presented in no particular order.

TOP ABA providers

The following were chosen for their commitment to compassionate care for families and children, ethical practice, and professionalism:

  1. SOAR Behavior Services – Specializes in ABA therapy and offers in-home and clinic-based therapy. Also offers a wide range of additional parent support including parent groups and family resources. Spokane’s largest and most comprehensive ABA therapy provider. (Come on, we’re proud of what we do so we had to include ourselves!)
  2. Northwest Autism Center – A local nonprofit that exists to build, facilitate, and coordinate comprehensive services for those with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities through the lifespan, using community-based approaches.
  3. Pennyfarthing ABA – ABA provider in Spokane specializing in treatment and behavior management.
  4. Caravel Autism – WA ABA provider with a long history in the Spokane region (formerly known as Imagine).
  5. Leaps and Beyond – WA ABA provider with branches throughout the US.
  6. Focused Behavior Solutions – A local ABA provider with consistently high parent satisfaction.
  7. Elemy – An innovative, tech-forward provider of in-home and online applied behavior analysis.

TOP Speech and Language pathologists

  1. ICARD PLLC – Marie Pechous – Specializes in Speech and Language Pathology and diagnosis of autism and related disabilities
  2. Center for Pediatric Therapy – One of Spokane’s top SLPs
  3. Achieve Center Pediatric Therapy – Top provider of speech therapy services in Spokane
  4. Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy – Provider of Speech PT, and OT

top occupational therapy resources

  1. Empire Therapy – Specializes in Occupational therapy and has a strong track record of high-quality patient care, particularly with pediatrics
  2. Center for Pediatric Therapy – Excellent Occupational therapy agency that also offers physical therapy and speech therapy resources.
  3. Achieve Center Pediatric Therapy – Achieve has a record of outstanding therapy for kids with autism and also offers speech therapy and physical therapy.
  4. Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy – Very caring team of practitioners who also provide speech therapy and physical therapy. Strong record of care for children with autism.

top counseling resources

  1. Enilda Clinic – Leslie Blevins – Leslie is a BCBA-D and outstanding child psychologist. With training in school psychology and ABA, she’s an outstanding fit for kids with autism.
  2. New Perspectives Counseling – Sherrie StClaire – Sherrie is a BCBA and LMHC, which makes her an excellent fit for kids with autism and related disabilities.
  3. ICARD – Liz Pechous – Liz is a Center of Excellence provider and a psychologist, which means she has specialized training in assessing and working with autism. ICARD also provides speech therapy.

top Birth to three resources

  1. Joya Child and Family Development – Joya is a non-profit pediatric therapy provider serving children in Spokane County. They offer occupational, physical, and speech therapy together with special education services.
  2. Center for Pediatric Therapy – Excellent provider of OT, PT, and Speech.
  3. Children FIRST therapy – A mainstay of the Spokane region. They do PT, OT, and speech and offer the only integrated preschool in the region.
  4. Stepping Stones Pediatric Therapy – Very caring team of practitioners who provide occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Strong record of care for children with autism.
  5. Youthful Horizons – Provides OT, PT, and Speech

top doctors

  1. Anyone on this list – This is the list of Centers of Excellence (CoE) doctors. If you have Medicaid, you’ll need to get an autism diagnosis from someone on this list to get ABA.
  2. Laurie Moon – MultiCare
  3. Sam Keblawi – CHAS
  4. Mt. Spokane Pediatrics
  5. Liz Pechous – ICARD
  6. Northwest Spokane Pediatrics
  7. Providence Pediatric Associates
  8. Providence Valley Young Peoples Clinic

top Community resources

  1. ISAAC Foundation – Their mission is to enhance the lives of your friends and family touched by autism and other special needs through educational, emotional, and financial support programs. they offer a HUGE variety of support for families and are the top resource for community support.
  2. The Arc of Spokane – The Arc offers too many supports to list here. Call them or check out their website. They have tons of parent resources and support activities including support groups and advocacy.


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