What is an RBT?

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What is an RBT?

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a paraprofessional who works one-on-one with participants and their families to address challenging behaviors and build social skills. A person’s treatment plan cannot be implemented successfully without a good RBT.

RBT Certification

New employees must participate in extensive training to get their board certification as a Registered Behavior Technician. First, they receive 40 hours of training that cover all aspects of the RBT Task List, which outlines the many duties performed by an RBT. The new hire then completes a Competency Assessment with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). After completing their assessment, they sign up to take an RBT exam. Once they pass their exam, they continue to receive ongoing supervision and support from a BCBA as they begin working with your child. 

Qualities of a good RBT

RBTs are some of the most talented people. They are responsible for knowing skill acquisition programs, collecting data on your child, and implementing behavior intervention programs. They also need to know your child’s specific reinforcers and when to implement the principles of reinforcement. RBTs need to be able to take data on skills and behaviors while keeping the session flowing and your child fully engaged.

RBTs show compassion and empathy consistently. They often deal with challenging behaviors but remain patient and always have your child’s best interest in mind. RBTs must also have excellent communication skills, be open to feedback, and be flexible with changes to treatment plans and ABA therapy as a whole as a result of recently published studies. It’s their goal to help your child succeed, and they are delighted about even the smallest triumphs. RBTs possess so much creativity and energy! RBTs themselves often become reinforcers for your child through their relationship-building efforts and by making learning engaging and fun. It takes a special person to be an RBT, and the field of ABA would not be possible without them!

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