What is Parent Training?

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What is Parent Training?

If your child receives ABA therapy, you have probably heard of parent training. Parent, or caregiver, training is an essential part of ABA therapy. In parent training, the behavior analyst provides the parent with the tools and information you need to help your child receive the best treatment possible. Additionally, parents can ask any questions regarding behaviors, current programming, or just about anything else!

Why is Parent Training Important?

Research shows that results are better when parents participate in their child’s treatment! Parent involvement allows the parent to learn what the therapists are doing, why they are doing it, and how to do it independently. When therapists teach your child new skills, those skills need to be generalized to other settings and people. Therefore, when parents practice and teach skills at home or in the community, the child is more likely to learn and maintain the craft in a shorter amount of time. However, if the child is only using specific skills with the therapist, the child could likely lose the skill or only exhibit those skills with the therapist.

Parental involvement

Want to become more involved in your child’s therapy? Start by including yourself in their therapy sessions. It is a great idea to become involved in your child’s treatment from the beginning. This way, you can learn how to deescalate behaviors when they arise and continue teaching skills outside of sessions. You can also start writing down questions for your behavior analyst to bring up during designated parent training sessions. Your therapists and behavior analyst are always willing to model, train, and explain anything involving your child’s goals and interventions!


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